Our Policies 

Booking terms and conditions 

We are keen that all who visit Mill View Barns have a wonderful experience and really enjoy their stay. To help this along we have put together the following terms and conditions, and respectfully ask that all comply.

Confirmation of Booking

Your booking will be confirmed once payment has been made, either 50% deposit more than 8 weeks prior to your stay, or payment in full 8 weeks or less before your stay. A confirmation letter will be emailed to you confirming our agreement.

A condition of acceptance of any booking is that you take good care of the barns, that they are left in a clean and tidy state and our Covid guidelines are respected. This means that we do not need to consider taking a safety deposit or charge extra for cleaning which keeps life simpler for all.

Your Stay

The Barns are available for guests of 12 years and over from 3pm on the day of arrival until 11am on your departure day. They will be made up for the total number of the party confirmed in the booking and this will include towels and some simple refreshments. Should this change, do please get in touch.

A comprehensive Risk Assessment has been carried out, and use of the barns and any facilities is entirely at your own risk. We cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or sickness sustained during your stay to any member of the party, any car its contents or personal possessions including bikes.


Mill View Barns is a no smoking site. This is primarily a Health and Safety consideration especially as we have livestock close by. However, there is also a lot of oak!


Your barn will be thoroughly cleaned and set up for your stay. Please see Covid guidelines. We do not use bleach or harsh cleaning materials so provide products within the barn for any day to day use. Please take care when using beauty, hair and personal products that linens and towels are not stained.

We also ask that non-recyclable balloons, decorations or fireworks are used during your stay.


Much as we love animals of all shapes and sizes, we do not accept pets staying in the barns. This is because the Mill View Barns site is home to many animals already. Also guests with various allergies may be reassured.


It would be a great shame if you were compelled to cancel your booking, but we understand that sometimes things happen. If you are not able to move dates we would endeavour to re book your accommodation and if successful only retain a 20% handling fee refunding the remaining balance. However, if we are unable to re book, and it is under 8 weeks until the booking dates, we reserve the right to retain the full balance. We do recommend holiday or travel insurance.

If for some reason the barns have been rendered unsuitable for letting on the date booked e.g. fire damage, all rent and charges paid will be refunded in full. We will also do our best to help you secure alternative accommodation.

We have done our best to ensure the information given on the website is accurate and is kept up to date. We are always pleased to discuss any requirement or answer any questions you may have, so do get in touch.

Covid guidelines

As we all become accustomed to life with Covid still in the World, we’d like to share our plans for managing safety for all. We’re also mindful that our actions contribute to the prevention of any virus spread. Our policy is based on recommendations from the World Health Organisation and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. 

We will avoid back-to-back guest stays. This will minimise the likelihood of contamination by allowing enough time for cleaning and airing the barn. 


We respectfully ask guests to:

• Remove shoes as entering the property and leave by entrance.

• Place all bagged up rubbish in the outside bins at the bottom of the drive, including recycled glass, tin, plastic in black box and paper in blue bag.

• Prior to departure, strip beds and leave bedding bundle on the bed

• Place all towels and tea towels in the bath

• Inform us if a guest suspects they have Coronavirus

• Antibacterial soap and cleaning spray is provided. In addition to our usual thorough cleaning routine

• The property will be aired and ventilated during and after cleaning.

• High touch surfaces will be cleaned with antibacterial spray after each stay including: light switches, door handles, remote controls, lamp switches, toilets, sinks, all kitchen and bathroom surfaces, bedside side cabinets, hard backed chairs, tables, bin handles

• Towels, linens and other laundry will be handled in gloves and washed on site at a minimum of 60 degrees,

Our aim is to maintain a safe place for all guests to enjoy their stay. If guests have any recommendations or comments, do please let us know

.Environmental Policy

Mill View Barns recognises that all the activities of individuals and organisations have some impact on the environment. Our aim is to reduce the impact of our activities and ask guests to support this initiative please.


  • Energy: we will strive to reduce our energy consumption through continuing efficient use of heating, lighting, consumables and office equipment, ensuring appliances and equipment is switched off at night.
  • Recycling: we will continue to collect and recycle paper, cardboard, tin, plastic and glass, seeking opportunities for additional recycling together with kitchen products.
  • Supporting local businesses: we will continue to support local businesses in our purchases of products, thus reducing our carbon footprint together with supporting our local economy
  • Legislation: we will meet or exceed all applicable regulations to the environment in all our locations.
  • This policy will be monitored and reviewed by the owners of the business on an annual basis.